Founded in 1991, Avatar is a licensed provider of residential and day services to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Avatar’s mission is to work side by side with people to enrich the quality of their lives. Avatar encourages each person to define and achieve his or her goals. This is accomplished by recognizing the individual’s talents and by providing the assistance necessary to enhance competencies in areas which are meaningful to the person.

Avatar's Values
  • Respect the basic need of all people to cultivate relationships.
  • Recognize the value of individuals to one another.
  • Promote families as an essential component of an individual’s circle of support.
  • Encourage people to participate fully in and enjoy the benefits of their communities.
  • Provide opportunities for individuals to demonstrate their value as citizens.
  • Operate on the principle that choice is a basic right of all humanity.

Our vision is to stand beside one another, respecting the diversity of each other’s choices, talents, needs and desires.