Day Programs

The Avatar Central Day Program currently serves nearly 30 individuals. Every day, we focus on creating a unique and tailored experience for all of our participants.

Job Placement & Exploration

There’s nothing like having a job you love. It can bring financial independence, enhanced community integration, and a wider social circle. We are fully committed to developing good job matches that work for RI business and our participants.

Community Experience

We pride ourselves on getting out and participating in the local community. Residents and staff routinely explore nature, attend special events, and visit various places of interest.

Group Activities

We provide a variety of “in-house” opportunities for enrichment that are based on the interests of the individuals we support. Current offerings include songwriting, arts and crafts, money skills, photography, and preparing Avatar’s newsletter.


We believe our residents’ living spaces should reflect who they are. We strive to create environments that are pleasing, therapeutic, and provide each individual with a sense of pride, personal investment, and security.

24-Hour Group Home

Our homes are personalized, attractive, and well-maintained. We currently operate 9 home in the central and northern regions of Rhode Island.

Shared Living

Avatar was one of the first agencies to develop this model, and has been offering it to residents since 2008. Shared Living Arrangements or SLAS are a viable alternative to the Group Home model — the key to their success is a strong relationship between residents and Shared Living Providers. We currently coordinate 27 SLA’s throughout the state.

Apartment & Independent Living

Many of the individuals that we support have found Avatar’s apartment and independent living programs to be a great fit for their needs. We tailor our services (e.g. shopping, budgeting, recreation) to each resident, while also fostering a great deal of independence and self-sufficiency.

Community Support

We are supporting an increasing number of individuals who live at home with their families. This service is designed to “round out” a… ?